Consumer Unit Changes

The electrical wiring regulations BS7671 have recently changed so that every new consumer unit fitted has to be made from fire resistant material to improve safety. The new 18th edition consumer units (fuse boards) are easy to use and are much safer in protecting your family in the unlikely event of a fault occurring. We are experts in consumer unit changes.

In the UK many homes are still equipped with an old style fuse box, often with rewirable fuses and without something called RCD protection.

Residual Current Devices (RCD‘s) are switches that trip a circuit under dangerous conditions, and instantly disconnect the electricity.

At AGW Electrical Services, we would always highly recommend that you upgrade your existing fuse board by asking us to undertake a consumer unit change to the latest RCD or RCBO protected fuse board.

This will ensure the safety of your family in the event of a fault, and also ensures that you comply with the very latest electrical wiring regulations.

Consumer Units Changed By Our Experienced And Qualified Local Electricians

Consumer Unit Replacements | Fuse Box Replacements

A fuse box is a particularly old fashioned term for what we now call your consumer unit. The consumer unit is an integral part of your properties electrical system and is responsible for powering all the circuits in your home.

It is made up of various parts and is made up from various parts, such as: mains switch, residual current devices (RCD’s), RCBO’s and miniature circuit breakers.

You should always know where your consumer unit is located in case of emergency and you need to turn it off or on.

If you have an older style fuse box, perhaps with fuses that you need to insert wire into (rewirable fuses) to make it work, this doesn’t mean that it is unsafe.

In fact, we have changed consumer units for many customers that live in houses where it has been this way for 30, 40 or even 50 years.

Having said that, the older style fuse boards were designed to manage an older, far more basic design of wiring system. Not like a modern wiring installation, designed to cope with the ever changing demands of modern day homes. Changing your fuse board, for a new consumer unit, does not mean that the wiring design or the capacity it can handle will change. You are simply upgrading your electrical installation to be far safer.

With the increased use of more and more appliances such as microwaves, TV’s, Hot Tubs and such, there is an increased likelihood that traditional style consumer units and the limits with your existing wiring ‘could’ suffer an overload. 

Without modern safety devices, like RCD protection for example, this can lead to a fire, electric shock or even death..

The latest consumer units contain RCD protective devices which turn off the electricity if they detect an earth fault in milliseconds. This reduces the chance of fatal shock or fire to an absolute minimum.xt

How Can We Help?

When you decide to replace an old fuse board, for a new RCD consumer unit. It sometimes isn’t as straight forward as this relatively simple task would seem for a qualified electrician. Before we replace your fuse board it is necessary to ensure your wiring has no faults and that the current wiring is earthed correctly to ensure the consumer unit will work as it should. You may have had small faults within your wiring for a long time. The old rewirable fuses are not sensitive enough to pick up on these faults. But once replaced the new consumer unit, this would find the slightest fault that may have always been there. 

We are equipped with the most advanced testing equipment available. This equipment can find these faults and problems quickly. Combine this with our wealth of experience and continually keeping up to date with the latest advancements in technology. Continually furthering our education with up to date, current regulations and testing qualifications. You are in the best possible hands.

Of Course, AGW Electrical Services are time served qualified and registered electricians. We are able to effectively and efficiently advise the best course of action if you are considering changing your consumer unit.

If your unsure whether your current electrical system need replacing, why not contact us about our electrical installation check, where we can offer the best advise possible.

  • AGW Electrical Services follow the latest BS7671 regulations.
  • All work Is fully certified (where applicable) and guaranteed.
  • All work meets Part P legal requirements (where required).
  • We are approved by the largest electrical registration body – The NICEIC.
  • We are a member of both the Domestic Installer and Approved Contractor schemes.
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