House Rewire and Domestic Rewiring Services

Whether you are moving house to your new home. Or maybe you have lived in your property for a long time but need a full house rewire. Or maybe you are a landlord renovating your new investment. We have got you covered from start to finish

RewiresRewiring – How much does a rewire cost?

Everybody’s needs, requirements and expectations are different. We want to spend that time finding out what those needs are. If your’e looking to get your house rewired, we start by asking you you to complete our online house rewires calculator. With this we can fully understand your project. If your happy with this estimate, we arrange a survey to confirm everything for you and cross check everything. The time saved here is passed on to you. Its saving around 10% from the cost of your domestic rewire

How Much Is My House Rewire Going To Cost?

Why Choose Us For Your House Rewire?

At AGW Electrical Services North West Limited, House rewiring is where we really shine. It is our core business. We are house rewiring specialists.

We quickly and efficiently install your system.

We can manage the project from start to finish and communicate with other tradesmen.

A patch plastering service can be provided ensuring that once the job is complete, theres no clean up necessary.

But most importantly, your saving money with our low prices!


Our streamlined process from quotation to completion is designed to be as efficient and cost effective as can be. We pass this saving back to you! We carry out nearly all of the work we quote for.. this speaks for itself.

Working to the latest BS7671 amendment 3 regulations. We carry out these jobs day in day out. Our hand picked teams, are highly experienced in wiring properties to the highest standard.  We are extremely good and proud of what we do, and our reputation speaks for itself.

Our qualified teams are fully equipped with specialist tools and the latest dust extraction machinery. From materials selection, to installation, commissioning, testing and finally energising for hand over to the client. Our unique installation method has been devised for safety, efficiency, quality, durability and future proofing.

We install your new cables in tubing, where possible, into your walls. If in the future, you wanted to alter or make additions, or if a cable is hit with a nail it will simply pull back through the tubing for easy replacement.

We use specialist wall chasing equipment, combined with the best dust extraction machinery available; for minimal mess and damage. making it far simpler and most importantly the most cost effective way to put your home back together once we have finished. Its also quick and efficient. Therefore getting through the job quicker for your satisfaction, so you are up and running and comfortable again within no time. And it can’t go without mention again Saving you money. You can see below in the pictures how easy it is to put your house back together once we’ve finished.

Domestic Rewires From Experienced And Qualified Local Friendly Electricians

Examples Of Previous Rewires We Have Completed

We have usually long gone before we see you get completely finished. But clients do occasionally send us pictures, which is always nice to see!

For most people, a full house rewire is not a project that creates excitement. After all its not a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom. In short, you can not stand back after completion and think, this is amazing look at my new house rewire. In fact for some people its the last thing they want to do. Don’t worry we know how you may feel. We understand, and we want you to know that our teams go above and beyond, walking that extra mile daily to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and everything is ok.

House Rewire Case Study

For example a landlord may require a cost effective rewire. The walls have been stripped back to brick, their are only 40 points required. The house has been fully stripped out, the floors are accessible. This is the best situation for the most cost effective solution.

However Mrs jones next door, has the same property. She recently had a new kitchen and bathroom installed and has just tiled and re decorated. A while later the electrical installation is found to be unsafe, and she finds out that she needs a rewire. Its occupied, full of furniture and they need to live in the property whilst the job is done. She needs minimal damage, tiles removing carefully so that they can be re used, doesn’t want to damage her new feature wall and doesn’t want any damage in the bathroom, but understands that it is a rewire and expects some damage is going to be necessary to get through what will need to be a carefully thought out project. Mrs Jones speaks to the landlord next door to ask about how much his rewire has cost him, asks us to quote, yet is disgruntled to see the difference in price for what she considers the same job.

How Long Does A Domestic Rewire Take?

For an independent electrician an average 3 bedroom house rewire, will take around 10 days to complete. If the situation and circumstances are right, its sometimes possible to get the job done in a day. Thats right a 1 day rewire! However a standard 3 bedroom rewire usually takes 3 days. It depends on the type of property, how much care needs to be given, determined by your individual requirements and how many points are being installed.

With our domestic rewiring service, our reputation has travelled far and wide. Due to this demand we cover most of the North West, including Manchester, Liverpool, Wigan, St Helens, Warrington, Preston, Bolton, Southport… and everywhere in between.

We are currently rewiring around 250 homes each year!

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