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Hello and welcome to our online house rewire calculator and rewiring information page. We would encourage you to take the time to read the information below!

We are an electrical contracting firm, specialising in home rewiring. We provide a first class service, and have over 1000 5 star reviews across rated people, my builder, checkatrade, google and yell. We have worked so hard to achieve this and continue to maintain it. By our open attitude, approachability, transparency, honesty and continually meeting our clients expectations.

However we are now trying not to supplement our work with these trades recommendation sites, due to obscene cost, but more importantly we feel as though we are compared against contractors not providing clarity on quality, materials, installation design and equipment.

We are NICEIC approved contractors, Trustmark government approved contractors, qualified and fully insured

We are different to other electrical contractors, their websites and selling tactics. We are not here to sell you something. We are genuinely here to help you get a straight forward easy plan in place, and a fairly priced transparent quote put together for you. Followed by a first class installation, for less than the average cost to carry out the job, when comparing like for like installation quotes. The information below has been provided to show some of the differences

We appreciate you would like to know straight away, how much does a house rewire cost?

Usually when you are looking into rewiring a house, most people do not provide enough detail to quote from… most people ask, how much does it cost to rewire a 3 bedroom house?

It is not as simple as this.

Most people are under the illusion that all house rewires are basically the same. As long as the sockets work, the lights switch on, everything is perfect. Almost every contractor is going to give you the most basic system without explaining the differences between a basic installation and a premium one. We will fully explain the differences through discussion with you, transparency is at the center of our business. We will do either kind of installation for you, but want to explain things, so that you can make your own choices. Other than the only choice being cost. We can give different quotes for what may seem the same on the surface, but underneath would be completely different systems.

One example for consideration, when comparing contractors and the quality of the installation is the fuse board / consumer unit:

All of the new fuse boards / consumer units have mcb s (trip switches). Currently all new circuits also must have RCD protection. This is achievable with a simple split load, dual rcd consumer unit, introduced with the 17th edition of the electrical regulations. Its the minimum standard for what must be installed, even though we are now into the 18th edition of the regulations.

The average 17th edition board has, for example, 10 trip switches, one for each circuit. Those trip switches are for what the regulations call overload protection. They were designed to replace the old rewireable fuses, almost like a rewirable fuse that can just be reset. They have been around for many editions of the regulations now, however things have got far more advanced. Those switches are designed to cut out when the current exceeds their rating (a 32amp breaker trips out should the current exceed 32amps).

Before more sophisticated devices were introduced, a person could potentially get an electric shock of the said 32 amps before it would trip out. It was the best available device at the time. In more recent additions of the regulations these mcb breakers have become more about cutting out before the cables burn out. They are now there to protect the wiring rather than you.

RCD s were introduced, over time it has become essential to protect all new circuits by rcd. Residual current devices detect the slightest electrical leakage, and are there to protect life. On a dual rcd (basic 17th edition fuse board) 2 are installed. The RCD s sit beside the traditional breakers and have a test button on them. Each rcd monitors half the circuits/ old style trip switches in the property. One may look after 5, the other look after the other 5. They work when they detect 30 milli amps of leaked electricity. That is an incredibly low figure! you almost wouldn’t feel a thing, should the worst happen.

RCD s were great around the 16th and 17th edition of the electrical regulations BS7671. They are still compliant within the 18th edition. But the 18th edition recommends more. The problem with rcd s is as we have said they are looking after usually 5-8 circuits/circuit breakers / trip switches each. The rcd is ready to trip should the total leakage exceed 30 milli amps as discussed.

Over the past few years we have all seen an increase in our homes of smart tvs, I pads, phones. Electronic equipment, Led lighting. All these appliances have slight electrical leakage. And as we continue to use more electronic equipment in our homes, this will only increase in time.

We are approaching on RCD nuisance tripping problems, in the future, caused by electronic items and earth leakage. In previous editions of the regulations, we have dealt with the issue s of overloading circuits. Caused by too many appliances trying to use more electricity than the circuits are capable of. The regulations have overcome this, by increasing the minimum amount of circuits in a property. Now we are looking at RCD s tripping because of earth leakage exceeding 30 milli amps, through multiple circuits having shared rcd s.

RCBO s are nothing new, they have been around for a long time. They are an old type trip switch (mcb) each combined with their own rcd protection . That’s 30 milli amps each, instead of 5-8 circuits sharing 30 milli amps through an rcd.  so by comparison 8 circuits now have a combined 240 milli amps scope for nuisance tripping, previously having shared 30.

Another recommendation of the 18th edition regulations is surge protection. It is not designed to protect you from lightning strike per say.

Surges are temporary rises in over-voltage and can also be referred to as spikes. These spikes are happening all the time within a domestic environment, e.g. when lights are turned on, a washing machine / tumble dryer starts up and especially when the power goes off and comes back on again. Now, these short spikes in the voltage will run around the electrical system and degrade the components inside domestic appliances. This basically means that appliances are only lasting a fraction of their lifespan due to these surges.

We are not really experiencing any more surges than we did 30-40 years ago, the problem we are having in this day and age is our technology. TV’s in the 70’s / 80’s were huge, they had massive components inside them that could easily withstand surges, and ultimately they lasted a long time (TV’s lasted for 20+ years). TV’s built today are so thin, and they enable you to do so much more than just simply watch TV. These features mean the technology inside these TV’s has to be so much more sophisticated and faster. Technology in itself though is becoming smaller and more sophisticated, and most electrical equipment nowadays has very delicate micro-processor’s inside. These micro processor’s are very sensitive, especially to over-voltages (surges). The surges prematurely degrade these components, which leads to device failure.

In a domestic situation, this means expensive equipment having to be replaced more often than is necessary.

As you can see the cost to rewire a house cost can vary. We want to install what is best for you. If its your house that you are staying in for life then its fair to say these additions are worth considering. If your on a budget/ moving on in a few years maybe not. But we want you to be informed so that you can make your own decisions. House rewire prices will always be scraping across the bottom of the standards to give you the cheapest price. People are mis informed, or usually not informed. People don’t see how things have changed.

Costs also vary on quantity

A 3 bedroom house rewire, with 35 downlights, 4 lights. 6 internet points, 50 sockets, 20 switches and underfloor heating points, external garage, loft conversion… Is probably going to cost more than a 5 bedroom house with 2 sockets in each room a switch and a single light fitting. House size is irrelevant when you start to think about what is involved! its down to the number of points required…

Another consideration, is whether the house is empty, or is it furnished and, or occupied?

From our point of view, will we be spending a full 8 hr working day, being able to get focused  into the task? Or 6 hrs, because we have got to get the floor boards back down again, because you are coming home. Also having to work around your furniture? This is obviously going to take longer and will cost more.

We appreciate people are after an average cost for rewiring a house… but average is difficult to define. We do not do what every other company does. Giving a low price to grab your attention.

As much as we would love to come and see every person making an enquiry. We appreciate people are at different stages of their rewiring journey. We are averaging over 20 enquiries a day. We can not come and see every person enquiring. However we take the approach of lets get the estimate together online, through our calculator and over the phone, or by one of our realistic package offers, where you can see exactly what is included.

If your happy after comparing your quotes, and most importantly you are ready or nearly ready to do the job .We then want to come and meet you, survey the property and we can get the action plan together if you wish to proceed… This again saving cost for you and for us aswell. Quotes are not free for us to carry out. Time and fuel is money saved.

We have built our reputation on fair, transparent pricing; quality and minimal disruption. Our uniqueness as a rewiring specialist, is about providing you with a quality installation, future proofed and designed to last. Giving you all the information you need to make your own decisions, helping you to understand the difference. But regardless of what type of installation we are aiming to save you money overall. With consideration for the things you need to do once we have finished.

We appreciate that your potentially in the house moving scenario. If possible, it is more cost effective to be able to plan in advance. Get your quote in advance, so that when the key arrives from the solicitor your ready to go. Before the furniture moves in. So it is empty! at the empty price. Think ahead, start the ball rolling now.

We appreciate this isnt always possible.. but maybe it has you thinking of how and where you can save. We can quote from spec, discussions, rightmove pictures, and get this thing together for you from a brief discussion by phone..

We appreciate that it may not be just a house rewire. That their may be other parts involved like a new kitchen, future extension, refurbishment.

That is what we are about, planning, helping you with your project management, and saving you money!

how else do we save you money?

Not only do we need to ‘maybe’ rewire the property with consideration for a new kitchen in the next few months. And the rear extension in 12 months, so you can get the rest of the house back to normal first before the next stage. We want to carry out the task with minimal disruption.

House rewiring electricians are known within the trade as ‘house bashers’

We are not. We understand that with some properties it doesn’t matter… its maybe a complete refurbishment and the walls are back to brick so this is irrelevant anyway!

But many are. We have the specialist tools. expertise and experience to keep disruption to a minimum. saving on plastering costs, trying to not disrupt the featured coving,  getting tiles off so that they can be reused, working under laminate floors. Our teams have been specifically hand picked for this experience to meet your needs… and go the extra mile

That said we are not magicians, but as our reviews will tell you we are good at what we do. And we are very proud of our reputation

We are always booked up so please make contact early to start the ball rolling. Although quite frequently we do get jobs postponed, usually when house movers have not completed on time.

A spade is simply a spade here and we just want to provide that down to earth, friendly and helpful; but most importantly, professional, personal service.

Please use the House Rewire Cost Calculator below to work out the cost to rewire your home.

Why Choose Us?

We have been rewiring properties for years. We are very good at what we do.

We have over 1000 + online reviews across rated people, my builder, checkatrade, google reviews, yell reviews, facebook reviews. We have worked really hard to satisfy our customers…

So whether it is a high specification project, or your looking for an affordable solution. We want to understand what your needs are, and provide just that. We want to provide that personal service.

Whether it is a renovation project, and you are starting from scratch. Or your beautiful home that you have lived in for years, and keeping your home as it was before. We are the contractors for you. We are specialists in rewiring houses. And can go a long way to almost making it look like it never happened, if necessary.

Quick turnaround

Certified and part P registered with your local building authority

6 year backed warranty From the NICEIC

premium quality materials

honest friendly service

As clean and tidy as possible

good value, pricing and efficient strategies to help save you money not only with the rewire but with what you need to do afterwards aswell.


Your details entered are private and not passed to any other party. We calculate your estimate, based on the details you have entered. If your happy and wish to continue, we will need to arrange an appointment to confirm your needs. We are really looking forward to meeting you when you are ready to proceed to a survey!

It really couldn’t be simpler!


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